• Vision

    The CFAlab is not just a classic laboratory but rather a mix of theoretical, modelling and experimental competences aimed at developing competitive, safe and sustainable technologies from an environmental point of view. The general approach has always an applicative nature, linked to the search for solutions that can be realized to solve problems of industrial interest.

  • Approach

    Since the development of competitive technologies is based on an in-depth understanding of the chemical and physical phenomena involved, the approach that characterizes the CFALab involves the application of physical chemistry principles to experimentally investigate the phenomena involved and understand the research results using appropriate mathematical models. This provides the possibility to scale the technologies developed at all the required scales, from molecular to industrial production.

  • Industry Sectors

    The main application sectors in which the laboratory has already operated successfully include the development of industrial chemical processes, of polymeric and inorganic materials for advanced technologies, of combustion processes with low environmental impact, of processes for abatement and recovery of pollutants, and industrial safety analysis.

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